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Community struggling to produce banners & community letters

Our community isn't creating banners or soliciting & sending letters to other communities, and we have no volunteers to lead these activities. We don’t want to pretend our old banners are current, or send letters to communities saying we're praying for them if we are not, or show prayer letters from other communities that aren’t current. If we can't commit to those activities it would be better to remove mention from the Friday talk. The 72-hr prayer chart continues to be a powerful & authentic representation of people in prayer for the guests, plus pray ins for speakers, and our LGB community continues to support the weekends with agape donations and letters to guests. There are no concerns with these activities.

Perhaps banners aren’t something in which a younger generation is interested, and inter-community letters may take more support than communities are able to give for today’s Banquets. The Holy Spirit’s presence on the weekend is not dependent on having banners and community letters, and authenticity calls us to report the true acts of agape being performed. Do other communities have similar concerns?

In Christ,

from LGB